With 75 years of combined hands-on experience, we provide our services worldwide


In 1995, Jeffery D. Boyd founded CMMC N.V., a marine management consulting company. CMMC prepared all design work and layouts, managed all facets of construction for various marinas. In 2004 Island Global Yachting acquired CMMC N.V. in a buy out and Boyd went on to become a founder and Executive Vice president of IGY Worldwide Operations. From the period 2004 to 2009, Mr. Boyd was responsible for operations of all facilities throughout the Caribbean, North America, Mexico, Europe and the Middle East.


In 2009, Mr. Boyd parted ways with IGY and formed and incorporated MMC N.V., a marine management consulting firm focused completely on the design, construction and management of mega yacht marinas. Since it`s founding, MMC N.V. has successfully completed various phases of design, construction, marketing and management for the following Caribbean marinas; Yacht Club Isle de Sol, Yacht Club Port de Plaisance, Yacht Club at Porto Cupe Coy, Portofino Marina, etc.

MMC N.V. helps make the big decisions: on strategy, design, operations, construction, marketing, technology, mergers, & acquisitions.

Marine Management and Consulting is an experienced, highly focused team of industry professionals driven to design, construct and operate marinas and boatyards competitively to insure success and profitability. With a combined 75 years of hands on experience, MMC N.V. understands the ups and downs of the marina and boatyard business. Our goal for the marina owner and investor is always the same: Innovative thinking, expert business and strategic planning and implementation while focusing on the bottom line with measurable and accurate results.


MMC N.V. makes the hard decisions based on facts and data. We work in partnership with your staff at all levels as a catalyst to get the job done. MMC N.V. works best in a team environment – bringing marina specific knowledge and experience to support other team members and their understanding of the industry and the project from a waterside perspective. Our across-the-board involvement in all levels provides an insight not available with other firms, as we focus on all aspects of boating and marina management to fulfill your needs. We will exceed your expectations with outstanding customer service, that will lead to a well-planned strategy for success.

We manage the Caribbean’s most elegant mixed-use marinas

We believe that professionally-crewed yachts deserve a professionally-run marina. With our experienced staff onboard, we understand the needs and demands in the yachting industry better than any of our competitors.