Brisbane Gangways & Piers

Brisbane Gangways & Piers

The Fabrication team in Vietnam is currently constructing Gangways and Piers for use in the river systems of Brisbane as part of the public ferry transport services. These are specialised structures with some being the first of its kind constructed in the world.

The design and purpose of these structures are to allow the ferry transport system to better service the public by mitigating damage caused by flooding and river debris so as to allow the service to have minimum downtime caused by damage from storms that occur in this area.

The work scope involves a diverse range of components and materials such as aluminium and stainless steel and will feature a gangway that will be hinged to the shore structure allowing it to be raised during times of flooding. These structures will be transported from our yard in Vung Tau to Brisbane for installation in a split delivery.

This project is on schedule and we are excited to see these structures installed and servicing the Brisbane area early next year.

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