Sydney Leman

Sydney Leman is the graphic designer, marketing assistant, photographer, and content writer. Born and raised in a small town in Indiana, Sydney grew up with a desire to see the world and explore her own creativity. In 2018 she graduated from Indiana University with a BS in New Media, Art, and Technology. After her successful exhibition featuring her canvased photographs, 3d artwork, and publishing her own photography/poetry book she became an independent graphic designer, and was later hired on as MMC`s in-house graphic designer.


Sydney has worked for MMC since 2019 and is responsible for all it`s websites and ads, working hand-in-hand with MMC`s Marketing department. While she loves art in all forms, Sydney has a passion for using modern technology to redefine the parameters of modern art, often reflected in digitally created nature photos and modern web design. For hobbies, she enjoys writing, photography, and swimming.